Inspired by the ocean, Drift Ocean Terrace Lounge, overlooks the beautiful west coast of Barbados.

Exuding sophistication and comfort in a seductive setting Drift welcomes those looking to enjoy a drink in the ideal atmosphere to unwind or celebrate.  Whether it’s a date, a get-together or a corporate event Drift is the perfect place to enjoy in style, meet in comfort, and visit time and time again.

Selective with its wines and original with its cocktails Drift has also created a delectable light menu which is both thoughtful and simple.

So sit by the ocean, grab a drink and drift till late.


Yasmin Vizcarrondo and Michelle Bowe - From April 8th

Two friends getting together to share their Art. They have been working very hard to have their pieces ready. They both wear many" hats" plus dedicate lots of time to Art.
They met at a Paint & Groove session, Michelle already was an artist making beautiful Cup Cakes and cakes, (Groovy Cakes), Yasmin owner of Paint & Groove painting parties, has been an artist since she was a kid,  both have a business that has the word Groove in its name,  love carpentry and crafting,  both born in May, have the same car brand, have been to Anaco, a place in Venezuela, have two children, a boy and a girl, Michelle has a son name Alex and Yasmin has a grandson with the same name, they are handy women,  love people, and have many times the same thoughts. Weird isn't it?

They are happy to invite you for opening night at Drift, celebrate their art and have fun in this amazing place.  It's going to be awesome!!  Come and meet the Groovy Girls!!!


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From 5 pm each day until late.

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